Patio & Deck Awnings, Window & Door Awnings & Other Retractable Awnings Custom Manufactured & Installed by Sunesta

Patio and Deck Retractable AwningsAs one of the first companies to manufacture custom retractable awnings, Sunesta is a pioneer of the awning industry, offering electric and manual shade systems that are the epitome of beauty, performance, and reliability. Since 1981, we’ve proudly provided homeowners and business owners alike with the best awnings and outdoor comfort. With our extensive selection of products and styles, we have the ideal shade solutions for any application, whether you want a motorized awning to cover your backyard porch or a manual roll up awning for your commercial storefront.

Sunesta Retractable Patio and Deck Awnings will allow you to create the perfect day, enjoying the sunshine when you want it and creating shade whenever you need it with a simple turn of a crank or push of a button. Our awnings don’t need vertical support poles, which means you can enjoy a full, open exterior view while under your canopy. Plus, a wide range of optional features are available, including wireless remote controls, automatic sensors, and more, so that your awnings can function as precisely as you want them to. Sunesta is also an expert in window and door awnings. These awnings are ideal for shading your home or business during those hot months to reduce your energy costs. And, they can be retracted in the winter to allow the sun to hit the window panes, keeping your building warmer.

All Sunesta products are American-made and 100 percent custom manufactured. Unlike other residential awnings that are mass produced and sold in standardized sizes, Sunesta Awnings are custom made with sizes that precisely match the application – to the inch. Additionally, we have more than 150 fabric options available, including solid colors and striped patterns. Sunesta’s mildew-resistant, acrylic-based awning cloth resists fading and running because it is solution dyed, and we offer water-resistant fabrics, as well. You can even select from a variety of frame colors for your awning.
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With Retractable Awnings, Screens & Shelters, Sunesta Has Outdoor Shade Systems to Suit Every Need

Sunesta Retractable Screens allow you to control the shade in any outdoor space – they can be used as outdoor shades for your windows, or they can function as retractable walls to enclose patios and lanais. In addition to providing on-call solar protection, Sunesta Retractable Screens also provide protection from pesky insects and inclement weather, and can be used whenever you want some privacy for your outdoor area. On the other hand, you can choose to have clear vinyl windows added to your retractable screens if you prefer to keep your view.

If you have an existing structure like a skylight, sunroom, or pergola that could use a retractable roof covering, then a Sunesta Retractable Shelter is just what you need. We also have freestanding shelters, for creating a large shaded outdoor area wherever you want it – even away from the walls of the building.

To learn more about our custom-manufactured retractable awnings, screens, and shelters, and our wide array of optional features, call 1-800-SUNESTA today. We’ll be happy to schedule a free consultation at your home.